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IOT Solutions

IT and OT are converging in numerous important industries, such as banking, healthcare, transportation, defense, energy, aviation, manufacturing, engineering, mining, oil and gas, natural resources, and utilities. IT leaders who are impacted by the convergence of IT and OT platforms should consider the value and risk of pursuing alignment between IT and OT, as well as the potential to integrate the people, tools and resources used to manage and support both technology areas.

At SimbaNET, we have partnered with leading IT / OT convergence platform provider to bring in the global best practices in the domain. Our FOUR FOCUS areas includes:

Smart Data Centre

The data center today is the nerve of any organization, including all the critical assets that drive ‘Business Operations & Profitability’. Data centers run 24x7x365 & are measured by their ‘Service Availability’. Service Interruptions caused by failure of ‘ANY ASSET’ in the Data Centre can cause significant ‘Revenue Loss’ and ‘Increase Operations Costs’.

Our SMART DC Solution includes all the four key asset class of a datacenter – power, building infrastructure, physical safety & security and information technology. We converge all in one single unified IOT platform – thus making it simpler to monitor, manage & report performance. The Solution is highly cost effective and saves huge leakages such as unnecessary energy consumption. 

Smart Utilities Management

Utilities like water & power distribution in almost all countries across the world is a leaking bucket, with the leaks being larger in the developing & emerging economies. The use of the term ‘leaking bucket’ refers to an ongoing challenge wherein; ‘energy leakage’ due to suboptimal management has put extreme stress on governments, on utility management companies, and on paying commercial and residential consumers.

  • Utilities leakage makes up 65% of the power loss in many countries, with an average loss rate in a country like India being in the 35% region. Even in developed countries, 12-15% energy loss range is typical
  • There is acute shortage of essentials in a number of countries across the globe, which is detrimental to the progress of nations and has a negative impact on the current account deficits of nation
  • Households are almost always the worst hit in economies where there is power shortage, leading to citizen discontent, living discomfort, higher cost of living and in several regions political unrest

Smart Building Management System

Building Management Systems are used for Monitoring / Controlling and Optimizing Building Infrastructure. BMS have been in existence for decades now, they however continue to be fraught with several challenges:

  • Complex to implement & integrate – 46% of BMS do not meet objectives & timelines
  • Requires specialized skills – Over 52% of BMS become partly dysfunctional from year two onwards
  • Lack support for centralized management
  • Lack Flexibility and are difficult to upgrade
  • Energy and Fuel Management savings are hard to realize. 80% of BMS do not deliver
  • Interdependencies, interoperability & integration is limited & tough to manage
  • Integrated Physical Security is lacking

Our IoT based SMART BMS proposition addresses all the above challenges, holistically, in a vendor agnostic manner – in both 'Brownfield and Greenfield Environments'.